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Date of Release: 1991

Publisher: Tor / Forge

Review Source:

SIBS by F. Paul Wilson

F. Paul Wilson is one of those rare talents who can jump from genre to genre with apparent ease, dabbling in each with equal aplomb. His greatest novels - and wherein Wilson seems to be at his very best - is when he blends genres in a single work: THE KEEP (horror/espionage); THE TOMB (horror/adventure); and DYDEETOWN WORLD (science-fiction/detective). With SIBS, he has produced his best cross-genre book and thus finest novel to date, a chilling and flawless hybrid of horror and mystery fiction.

Kara Wade has returned to New York City to claim the body of her sister, a victim of apparent suicide. Kara suspects there may be more to the story that meets the eye and enlists the assistance of old lover that is now a NYPD detective. Together they delve into her sister's life and uncover a perverse, decadent lifestyle her sister had come to embrace just months before her mysterious death. It's not long before the influence that corrupted her sister is seeking to claim Kara as well.

SIBS is a singularly unique novels that offers up generous servings of horror and mystery alike...and even a little erotica to spice up the mix. It's a rich, stunning accomplishment by one of the finest authors writing today and is an indispensable addition to any serious horror or mystery fan's home library. Highly recommended.

- - Ron Clinton, USA

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