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Date of Release: Oct '98

Publisher: Heinemann

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THE BETRAYAL by Sabin Willett

Willett will be remembered for his first novel, The Deal, and for the fact that he was named as the next Scott Turow of legal thriller writers. The Betrayal, his new taughtly executed novel of political corruption, intrigue, arms dealing and assassination, goes a long way to prove that Willet is here to stay.

Louisa Shidler, faithful lawyer and public servant at the beginning of the novel, is surprised to find $50 million dollars in her Swiss bank account. In the days that follow, Shidler is put under house arrest and thugs kidnap her 12 year old daughter and threaten that the girl will be killed. In the course of the novel Shidler will go through a nightmare ride that sees her transform into traitor and then fugitive with no one to trust and nowhere to run as the assassins track her down. Betrayed by her husband, her government, and her powerful boss and mentor, her only support is from her daughter, an old newsman and a trucker called Bear.

This high-level conspiracy will have some readers scratching their heads at the improbability of it all, but putting aside the logistics, it makes for a terrific read. With such breathtaking locales as Dubai, Washington D.C and Paris, and a plot that speeds along relentlessly to its conclusion, some readers may wonder why they haven't heard more about Willett in the past.

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