Richard Laymon Same Vein


Date of Release: Oct '98

Publisher: Orion

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This is Rankin's ninth John Rebus mystery novel. Just when you think Rankin has taken the Rebus character as far as he can, Rankin hits back with an even better tale to dazzle his readers. The Hanging Garden has it all: Nazi war criminals, rival crime lords, crime and coverup, hit and'll be turning the pages at one hundred miles an hour!

Rebus, always dedicated to the job, has his hands full in The Hanging Garden. His personal life is, as usual, hopelessly inadequate. So it is no surprise that when Rebus' adult daughter, and his only solace on the personal front, is nearly killed in a suspicious hit-and-run incident, Rebus hits the roof. He takes his fury out on the two cases he is currently investigating - a suspected Nazi war criminal and two rival crime lords. Are they involved? Is this a revenge attack? Is it Rebus they want dead?

But the answers he finds only leads him to more questions.

Yet another stunning novel from Rankin. The characterisations and plot developments are stunners and serve only to make you hungry for more. Rebus is a fantastic sleuth but is also colored by glimpses of humanity and vulnerability that just make us love him even more. A top notch read.

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