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 December 2002: The Hour Before Dark by Douglas Clegg
 November 2002: Sleep No More by Greg Iles
 October 2002: Night in the Lonesome October by Richard Laymon
 September 2002: Red by Jack Ketchum
 August 2002: Jolie Blon's Bounce by James Lee Burke
 July 2002: Matheson's Twilight Zone Scripts (Vol. 2) by Stanley Wiater (ed.)
 June 2002: City of Bones by Michael Connelly
 May 2002: Best American Mystery Stories by Donald E. Westlake (ed.)
 April 2002: Island by Richard Laymon
 March 2002: Hope to Die by Lawrence Block
 February 2002: Judas Eyes by Barry Hoffman
 January 2002: The Infinite by Douglas Clegg
 December 2001: Triage (Laymon, Lee, Ketchum) Matt Johnson ed.
 November 2001: Total Recall by Sara Paretsky
 October 2001: Hostage by Robert Crais
 September 2001: The Lost by Jack Ketchum
 August 2001: The Cold Six Thousand by James Ellroy
 July 2001: Candyland by Evan Hunter & Ed McBain
 June 2001: Echo Burning by Lee Child
 May 2001: Cold Caller by Jason Starr
 April 2001: Black Butterflies by John Shirley
 March 2001: Dreamcatcher by Stephen King
 February 2001: Hit List by Lawrence Block
 January 2001: A Darkness More Than Night by Michael Connelly
 December 2000: Even Steven by John Gilstrap
 November 2000: Santa Steps Out by Robert Devereaux
 October 2000: God Is a Bullet by Boston Teran
 September 2000: The Empty Chair by Jeffery Deaver
 August 2000: You Come When I Call You by Douglas Clegg
 July 2000: Quenched by Mary Ann Mitchell
 June 2000: Certain Prey by John Sandford
 May 2000: Prey by Graham Masterton
 April 2000: The Nightmare Chronicles by Douglas Clegg
 March 2000: Wireman by Billie Sue Mosiman
 February 2000: The 37th Mandala by Marc Laidlaw
 January 2000: Bloodhound by Jay Bonansinga
 December 99: Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson
 November 99: The Descent by Jeff Long
 October 99: Known Dead by Donald Harstad
 September 99: Hungry Eyes by Barry Hoffman
 August 99: L.A. Requiem by Robert Crais
 July 99: The Haunt by J. N. Williamson
 June 99: Hit Man by Lawrence Block
 May 99: Blind Date by Frances Fyfield
 April 99: Nice by Jen Sacks
 March 99: Killing Ground by Gerald Seymour
 February 99: The Green Mile by Stephen King
 January 99: Shadow Woman by Thomas Perry
 December 98: Skull Session by Daniel Hecht
 November 98: The First Horseman by John Case
 October 98: 11 Days by Donald Harstad
 September 98: Ice Station by Matthew Reilly

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    December 2002
  1. The Hour Before Dark by Douglas Clegg
  2. Chasing the Dime by Michael Connelly
  3. Never Count Out the Dead by Boston Teran
  4. The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse by Robert Rankin
  5. People Die by Kevin Wignall
  6. Visions Through A Shattered Lens by Gerard Houarner
  7. Four Dark Nights by Little, Clegg, Golden, Piccirilli
  8. Atmosphere by Michael Laimo

    November 2002
  9. Sleep No More by Greg Iles
  10. Aftermath by Peter Robinson
  11. Maternal Instinct by J.F. Gonzalez
  12. Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides
  13. Resolution by Denise Mina
  14. The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen
  15. Dark Demons by Kurt Newton
  16. Interface by Neal Stephenson

    October 2002
  17. Night in the Lonesome October by Richard Laymon
  18. The Stand: Complete and Uncut by Stephen King
  19. Exile by Denise Mina
  20. Hard Eight by Janet Evanovich
  21. Writing Mysteries by Sue Grafton ed.
  22. Death in Paradise by Robert B. Parker
  23. 9.99 by Frederic Beigbeder
  24. The Kill Artist by Daniel Silva

    September 2002
  25. Red by Jack Ketchum
  26. Right to Life by Jack Ketchum
  27. The Barrens by Joyce Carol Oates
  28. 24/7 by Jim Brown
  29. Fierce People by Dirk Wittenborn
  30. Grave Secrets by Kathy Reichs
  31. The Legacy by Dudley W. Buffa
  32. The Bureau and the Mole by David A. Vise

    August 2002
  33. Jolie Blon's Bounce by James Lee Burke
  34. The Haunted Air by F. Paul Wilson
  35. Hatchett and Lycett by Nigel Williams
  36. Orion Crime Masterworks by Various
  37. Who's Who in Hell by Robert Chalmers
  38. Spider-Man by Peter David & Behind the Mask of Spider-Man by Mark Cotta Vaz
  39. Saucer by Stephen Coonts
  40. The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red by Joyce Reardon (ed.)

    July 2002
  41. Richard Matheson's The Twilight Zone Scripts (Vol. 2) by Stanley Wiater (ed.)
  42. Waiting for Godalming by Robert Rankin
  43. The Cave by Tim Krabbe
  44. The Man Who Fought Alone by Stephen R. Donaldson
  45. The Orange Curtain by John Shannon
  46. The Salmon of Doubt: Hitchhiking the Galaxy One Last Time by Douglas Adams
  47. Gone for Good by Harlan Coben
  48. Rush by Daniel Mason

    June 2002
  49. CITY OF BONES by Michael Connelly
  50. HELL TO PAY by George P. Pelecanos
  51. CAPTAINS OUTRAGEOUS by Joe R. Lansdale
  52. THE COMPANY: A NOVEL OF THE CIA by Robert Littell
  53. THE TREATMENT by Mo Hayder
  54. EVERYTHING'S EVENTUAL by Stephen King
  55. ICEBONES by Stephen Baxter
  56. THE SNOW GARDEN by Christopher Rice

    May 2002
  57. BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES by Donald E. Westlake (Ed.)
  58. FIDDLEBACK by J.M. Morris
  59. FANDOM OF THE OPERATOR by Robert Rankin
  60. THE DOOMSDAY SCENARIO by L. Douglas Keeney
  61. BURGLAR IN THE LIBRARY by Lawrence Block
  62. THEM by Jon Ronson
  63. BODY OF LIES by Iris Johansen
  64. TISHOMINGO BLUES by Elmore Leonard

    April 2002
  65. ISLAND by Richard Laymon
  66. THE WHITE ROAD by John Connolly
  67. DEEP SLEEP by Charles Wilson
  69. SHIP OF THE DAMNED by James F. David
  70. KINGDOM OF SHADOWS by Alan Furst
  71. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY by Ed McBain
  72. THE MATT SCUDDER MYSTERIES Vol 1 by Lawrence Block

    March 2002
  73. HOPE TO DIE by Lawrence Block
  74. RESURRECTION MEN by Ian Rankin
  75. BLOOD ON THE ARCH by Robert J. Randisi
  76. A CROWN OF LIGHTS by Phil Rickman
  77. AND THEN YOU DIE by Michael Dibdin
  78. AMERICAN EMPIRE: BLOOD AND IRON by Harry Turtledove
  79. BASKET CASE by Carl Hiaasen
  80. A MYSTERY OF ERRORS by Simon Hawke

    February 2002
  81. JUDAS EYES by Barry Hoffman
  82. PARALLEL LIES by Ridley Pearson
  83. EAGER TO PLEASE by Julie Parsons
  84. THE SLEEP OF THE DEAD by Tom Bradby
  85. THE NEXT ACCIDENT by Lisa Gardner
  86. INNOCENT GRAVES by Peter Robinson
  87. SECRET SANCTION by Brian Haig
  88. THE GOOD GERMAN by Joseph Kanon

    January 2002
  89. THE INFINITE by Douglas Clegg
  90. DARK HOLLOW by John Connolly
  91. THE SIGMA PROTOCOL by Robert Ludlum
  92. BRIGHT ROOMS by Jenny Maxwell
  93. ONE DOOR AWAY FROM HEAVEN by Dean Koontz
  94. POTSHOT by Robert B. Parker
  95. DEATH AT BONDI by Darren Goodsir
  96. STEPPIN' ON A RAINBOW by Kinky Friedman

    December 2001
  97. TRIAGE by Matt Johnson (ed.)
  98. DEAD SLEEP by Greg Iles
  99. COLD by John Smolens
  100. ROBBERS by Christopher Cook
  101. WEB SITE STORY by Robert Rankin
  102. THE KILLING KIND by John Connolly
  103. FLESH AND BLOOD by Jonathan Kellerman
  104. TRIAL BY JURY by D. Graham Burnett

    November 2001
  105. TOTAL RECALL by Sara Paretsky
  106. THE BURGLAR IN THE RYE by Lawrence Block
  107. VIOLETS ARE BLUE by James Patterson
  108. TANNER ON ICE by Lawrence Block
  109. PREY by Graham Masterton
  110. QUENCHED by Mary Ann Mitchell
  111. NAOMI by Douglas Clegg
  112. THE LOST by Jack Ketchum

    October 2001
  113. HOSTAGE by Robert Crais
  114. SLEEPYHEAD by Mark Billingham
  115. APARTMENT 255 by Bunty Avieson
  116. BITTERROOT James Lee Burke
  117. PICK-UP by Charles Ray Willeford
  118. ONCE by James Herbert
  119. AREA 7 by Matthew Reilly
  120. DAUGHTER OF GOD by Lewis Perdue

    September 2001
  121. THE LOST by Jack Ketchum
  122. THE NIGHT OF THE TRIFFIDS by Simon Clark
  123. COCKFIGHTER by Charles Willeford
  124. NOT THE END OF THE WORLD by Christopher Brookmyre
  125. THE TATTOOED SOLDIER by Hector Tobar
  126. THE BURNT ORANGE HERESY by Charles Willeford
  127. COUNTRY OF THE BLIND by Christopher Brookmyre
  128. COLD CALLER by Jason Starr

    August 2001
  129. THE COLD SIX THOUSAND by James Ellroy
  130. DARKNESS DEMANDS by Simon Clark
  131. MR. BLUE by Edward Bunker
  132. BOILING A FROG by Christopher Brookmyre
  133. SANTA STEPS OUT by Robert Devereaux
  134. THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT by Graham Masterton
  135. MISCHIEF by Douglas Clegg
  136. YOU COME WHEN I CALL YOU by Douglas Clegg

    July 2001
  137. CANDYLAND by Evan Hunter & Ed McBain
  138. ZODIAC by Neal Stephenson
  139. WEDNESDAY'S CHILD by Peter Robinson
  140. P IS FOR PERIL by Sue Grafton
  141. TELL NO ONE by Harlan Coben
  142. SEVEN UP by Janet Evanovich
  143. BLACK BUTTERFLIES by John Shirley
  144. BLOOD CRAZY by Simon Clark

    June 2001
  145. ECHO BURNING by Lee Child
  146. DOG EAT DOG & LITTLE BOY BLUE by Edward Bunker
  147. THE BLUE NOWHERE by Jeffery Deaver
  148. 1ST TO DIE by James Patterson
  149. COLD IS THE GRAVE by Peter Robinson
  151. FAST WOMEN by Jennifer Crusie
  152. THE JUDGMENT by D. W. Buffa

    May 2001
  153. COLD CALLER by Jason Starr
  154. NO BEAST SO FIERCE by Edward Bunker
  155. SLEEPEASY by T. M. Wright
  156. NOTHING PERSONAL by Jason Starr
  157. NAOMI by Douglas Clegg
  158. RIGHT AS RAIN by George P. Pelecanos
  159. NIGHT KILLS by Ed Gorman
  160. DARKLOST by Mick Farren

    April 2001
  161. BLACK BUTTERFLIES by John Shirley
  162. THE MIND GAME by Hector MacDonald
  163. THE ADVERSARY by Emmanuel Carrere
  164. THE FALLS by Ian Rankin
  165. HELL'S KITCHEN by Chris Niles
  166. ICED by Jenny Siler
  167. THE KILL ARTIST by Daniel Silva
  168. THE ISLAND OF LOST MAPS by Miles Harvey

    March 2001
  169. DREAMCATCHER by Stephen King
  170. MYSTIC RIVER by Dennis Lehane
  171. THE TIN COLLECTORS by Stephen J. Cannell
  173. THE TUNNEL RATS by Stephen Leather
  174. COLONISATION 2: DOWN TO EARTH by Harry Turtledove
  175. SUDDEN WEALTH by Robert Llewellyn
  176. THE STRETCH by Stephen Leather

    February 2001
  177. HIT LIST by Lawrence Block
  178. BLACK EVENING by David Morrell
  179. THE PROMETHEUS DECEPTION by Robert Ludlum
  180. BLOOD CRAZY by Simon Clark
  181. NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH by John T. Lescroart
  182. THE PROSECUTION by D.W. Buffa
  183. DOUBLE IMAGE by David Morrell
  184. THE MERCY RULE by John T. Lescroart

    January 2001
  185. A DARKNESS MORE THAN NIGHT by Michael Connelly
  186. CODE TO ZERO by Ken Follett
  187. VADIM by Donald James
  188. ZEN AND THE CITY OF ANGELS by Elizabeth M. Cosin
  189. THE CHINESE GIRL by John Baker
  190. "G" IS FOR GRAFTON by Natalie Hevener Kaufman & Carol McGinnis Kay
  191. HONG KONG by Stephen Coonts
  192. ABDUCTION by Robin Cook

    December 2000
  193. EVEN STEVEN by John Gilstrap
  194. MISCHIEF by Douglas Clegg
  195. UNDERCURRENTS by Frances Fyfield
  196. WELCOME TO TEMPTATION by Jennifer Crusie
  197. NOM DE GUERRE by Jeff Gulvin
  198. SCORPIAN RISING by Anthony Frewin
  199. BOY IN THE WATER by Stephen Dobyns
  200. THE MILE HIGH CLUB by Kinky Friedman

    November 2000
  201. SANTA STEPS OUT by Robert Devereaux
  202. THE COVENANT by Jeff Gulvin
  203. RESURRECTION DAY by Brendan DuBois
  204. THE MEMORY GAME by Nicci French
  205. SLEEPING CRUELTY by Lynda La Plante
  206. IN A DRY SEASON by Peter Robinson
  207. BLACKOUT by John J. Nance
  208. ALL TOMORROW'S PARTIES by William Gibson

    October 2000
  209. GOD IS A BULLET by Boston Teran
  210. THE BIG THAW by Donald Harstad
  211. DUST TO DUST by Tami Hoag
  212. STACKING IN RIVERTOWN by Barbara Bell
  213. IN THE SHADOW OF THE ARCH by Robert J. Randisi
  214. PURPLE CANE ROAD by James Lee Burke
  215. CHARON'S LANDING by Jack B. Du Brul
  216. TERMINAL EVENT by James Stewart Thayer

    September 2000
  217. THE EMPTY CHAIR by Jeffery Deaver
  218. DEMOLITION ANGEL by Robert Crais
  219. EASY PREY by John Sandford
  220. DEADLY DECISIONS by Kathy Reichs
  221. FAITH by Peter James
  222. THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT by Graham Masterton
  223. CATCH ME by A J Holt
  224. FOUR CORNERS OF NIGHT by Craig Holden

    August 2000
  225. YOU COME WHEN I CALL YOU by Douglas Clegg
  226. PRAYERS FOR RAIN by Dennis Lehane
  227. HARD TIME by Sara Paretsky
  228. THE PATIENT by Michael Palmer
  229. DIE TRYING by Lee Child
  230. WAITING by Frank M. Robinson
  231. THE GREAT WAR Vol II: WALK IN HELL by Harry Turtledove
  232. HARM DONE by Ruth Rendell

    July 2000
  233. QUENCHED by Mary Ann Mitchell
  234. SHAME THE DEVIL by George P. Pelecanos
  235. THE VISITOR by Lee Child
  236. CALIFORNIA FIRE AND LIFE by Don Winslow
  237. FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES by Donna Leon
  238. MAMMOTH VOL 2: LONGTUSK by Stephen Baxter
  239. HOUSE OF LEAVES by Mark Z. Danielewski
  240. SABBATHDAY RIVER by Jean Hanff Korelitz

    June 2000
  241. CERTAIN PREY by John Sandford
  242. AFTERBURN by Colin Harrison
  243. GUILTY AS SIN by Tami Hoag
  244. RIVER OF DARKNESS by Rennie Airth
  245. A THIN DARK LINE by Tami Hoag
  246. SHUT EYE by Adam Baron
  247. CRAZY FOR YOU by Jennifer Crusie
  248. NIGHT SINS by Tami Hoag

    May 2000
  249. PREY by Graham Masterton
  250. SET IN DARKNESS by Ian Rankin
  251. HEXES by Tom Piccirilli
  252. FADE AWAY by Harlan Coben
  253. BRASS by Robert J. Conley
  254. BLOOD AND SMOKE by Stephen King
  255. CRY WOLF by Tami Hoag
  256. BACKSPIN by Harlan Coben

    April 2000
  257. THE NIGHTMARE CHRONICLES by Douglas Clegg
  258. HIGH FIVE by Janet Evanovich
  259. WETBONES by John Shirley
  260. THE FINAL DETAIL by Harlan Coben
  261. TROUBLE MAN by Ed Gorman
  262. VITTORIO THE VAMPIRE by Anne Rice
  263. WELCOME BACK TO THE NIGHT by Elizabeth Massie
  264. ASHES TO ASHES by Tami Hoag

    March 2000
  265. WIREMAN by Billie Sue Mosiman
  266. GHOST DANCE by Mark T. Sullivan
  267. THE GIRL WHO LOVED TOM GORDON by Stephen King
  268. ANGELICA'S GROTTO by Russell Hoban
  269. SINEATER by Elizabeth Massie
  270. BE COOL by Elmore Leonard
  271. SHADOW GAMES by Ed Gorman
  272. ATLANTIS FOUND by Clive Cussler

    February 2000
  273. THE HALLOWEEN MAN by Douglas Clegg
  274. THE 37TH MANDALA by Marc Laidlaw
  275. VOID MOON by Michael Connelly
  276. BACK FROM THE DEAD by Chris Petit
  277. ZEN AND THE ART OF MURDER by Elizabeth M. Cosin
  278. HIGH CRIMES by Joseph Finder
  279. SICK PUPPY by Carl Hiaasen
  280. THE BROKEN HEARTS CLUB by Ethan Black
  281. THE SKULL MANTRA by Eliot Pattison
  282. NATURAL CAUSES by Michael Palmer

    January 2000
  283. BLOODHOUND by Jay Bonansinga
  284. BLOODLINES by J.N. Williamson
  285. ONE FALSE MOVE by Harlan Coben
  286. GAME'S END by Barry Schneebeli
  287. RUMBLE TUMBLE by Joe R. Lansdale
  288. TELL ME LIES by Jennifer Crusie
  289. FALSE MEMORY by Dean Koontz
  290. THE LONG FIRM by Jake Arnott
  291. DEMON BREED by Stephen Winch
  292. WHITE HOUSE by David Hagberg
  293. FIELD OF THIRTEEN by Dick Francis

    December 1999
  294. CRYPTONOMICON by Neal Stephenson
  295. 999 by Al Sarrantonio
  296. EVERY DEAD THING by John Connolly
  297. EYES OF PREY by Barry Hoffman
  298. THE BOOK OF REVELATION by Rupert Thomson
  299. THE PURIFICATION CEREMONY by Mark T. Sullivan
  300. POP GOES THE WEASEL by James Patterson
  301. THE SECOND ANGEL by Philip Kerr
  302. WHEN THE WIND BLOWS by James Patterson
  303. PERSONAL INJURIES by Scott Turow

    November 1999
  304. THE DESCENT by Jeff Long
  305. GAMES OF THE HANGMAN by Victor O'Reilly
  306. SIPS OF BLOOD by Mary Ann Mitchell
  307. SILVER SCREEN by Justina Robson
  308. THE MARK OF THE ASSASSIN by Daniel Silva

    October 1999
  309. KNOWN DEAD by Donald Harstad
  310. HEARTBREAKER by Robert Ferrigno
  311. THE RETURN by Andrea Hart
  312. O IS FOR OUTLAW by Sue Grafton
  313. WARHOL'S PROPHECY by Shaun Hutson
  314. THE ROAD TO MARS by Eric Idle
  315. LORDS OF LIGHT by Steven Spruill
  316. GLAMORAMA by Bret Easton Ellis

    September 1999
  317. HUNGRY EYES by Barry Hoffman
  318. DAY OF CONFESSION by Allan Folsom
  319. DRAWN TO THE GRAVE by Mary Ann Mitchell
  320. SHELL GAME by Carol O'Connell

    August 1999
  321. L. A. REQUIEM by Robert Crais
  322. GONE, BABY, GONE by Dennis Lehane
  323. SPREE by J.N. Williamson
  324. DARKNESS PEERING by Alice Blanchard
  325. COLD STEEL by Paul Carson
  326. HIDDEN FROM VIEW by Richard Harland
  327. THE LETTER GIRL by Andrew Masterson
  328. GARNETHILL by Denise Mina
  329. THE MARCHING SEASON by Daniel Silva
  330. TWO FOR THE LIONS by Lindsey Davis
  331. FREEDOMLAND by Richard Price

    July 1999
  332. THE HAUNT by J. N. Williamson
  333. BLOOD FLIES by Gene Lazuta
  335. DEATH DU JOUR by Kathy Reichs
  336. THE PRESENCE by John Saul
  337. MAN OF THE HOUR by Peter Blauner

    June 1999
  338. HIT MAN by Lawrence Block
  339. TAKING LIVES by Michael Pye
  340. EVERYBODY DIES by Lawrence Block
  341. EYES by Joseph Glass
  342. HELP LINE by Faye Sultan

    May 1999
  343. BLIND DATE by Frances Fyfield
  344. LET'S GO PLAY AT THE ADAMS by Mendal Johnson
  345. RIVER OF DARKNESS by Rennie Airth
  346. SOMEPLACE TO BE FLYING by Charles De Lint
  347. TRIPWIRE by Lee Child
  348. MAMMOTH by Stephen Baxter

    April 1999
  349. NICE by Jen Sacks
  350. THE VELOCITY OF MONEY by Stephen Rhodes
  351. EASY MONEY by Jenny Siler
  352. FADE TO GREY by Jane Adams
  353. DEAD SOULS by Ian Rankin
  354. FATAL REMEDIES by Donna Leon

    March 1999
  355. KILLING GROUND by Gerald Seymour
  356. A LINE IN THE SAND by Gerald Seymour
  357. THE WAITING TIME by Gerald Seymour
  358. WITHER by J.G. Passarella

    February 1999
  359. THE GREEN MILE by Stephen King
  360. A DRINK BEFORE THE WAR by Dennis Lehane
  361. OATH OF GOLD by Elizabeth Moon

    January 1999
  362. SHADOW WOMAN by Thomas Perry
  363. DIGGER by Joseph Flynn

    December 1998
  364. SKULL SESSION by Daniel Hecht
  365. IRRESISTIBLE IMPULSE by Robert K. Tanenbaum
  366. LAST ON EARTH: THE VANISHING (Book I) by Marilyn Kaye
  368. PACIFIC VORTEX! by Clive Cussler
  369. WHILE OTHER PEOPLE SLEEP by Marcia Muller

    November 1998
  370. THE FIRST HORSEMAN by John Case
  371. ARCHANGEL by Robert Harris
  372. THE VAMPIRE ARMAND by Anne Rice
  373. OVER THE LINE by Faye Sultan
  374. MARY, MARY by Julie Parsons
  375. COLD HEART by Lynda LaPlante
  376. A SECOND CHANCE AT EDEN by Peter F. Hamilton
  377. WOLVES OF THE GODS by Allan Cole
  378. FEAR NOTHING by Dean Koontz
  379. BAG OF BONES by Stephen King
  380. DEAN KOONTZ: A WRITER'S BIOGRAPHY by Katherine Ramsland
  381. A GOOD HANGING by Ian Rankin
  382. THE HANGING GARDEN by Ian Rankin
  384. THE BETRAYAL by Sabin Willett
  386. VAMPYRRHIC by Simon Clark
  387. SIBS by F. Paul Wilson
  388. COMEBACK & BACKFLASH by Richard Stark

    October 1998
  389. ELEVEN DAYS by Donald Harstad
  390. SACRED by Dennis Lehane
  391. LET IT BLEED by Ian Rankin
  392. WINE OF ANGELS by Phil Rickman
  393. LOVE IS A RACKET by John Ridley
  394. DEAD HEAT by Del Stone
  395. RUMBLE TUMBLE by Joe R. Lansdale
  396. DEJA DEAD by Kathy Reichs
  397. JUDAS CHILD by Carol O'Connell
  398. LUCKY YOU by Carl Hiaasen
  399. THE CHAOS BALANCE by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

    September 1998
  400. ICE STATION by Matthew Reilly
  401. BLOOD CRAZY by Simon Clark
  402. KING BLOOD by Simon Clark
  403. LEGACIES by F. Paul Wilson
  404. DEEP AS THE MARROW by F. Paul Wilson
  405. THE DARK EDGE by Richard Harland
  406. INDIGO SLAM by Robert Crais

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