Competition #4: Win LEISURE books!

Here's your chance to win the best Christmas pickings from Leisure Books in the US. All you have to do is is tell the editors at Leisure which Laymon books you would next like to see published in the US. Send us your top three Laymon books that you would like to be published soon by Leisure Books to go into the draw.

(Please do not include: Bite, One Rainy Night, Among The Missing and Darkness Tell Us as they are already in the Leisure range...)

All entrants go into the draw to win a pick from the current Leisure range! We'll pick five lucky winners who will each get to choose 5 of the 10 books below.

Email us your top three Laymon books now at:

Winners can choose from the following new releases from Leisure:



The top three Laymon books picked by our entrants were:

1. ISLAND - 128 votes
2. IN THE DARK - 107 votes
3. SAVAGE - 101 votes

4. THE WOODS ARE DARK - 86 votes
5. THE CELLAR - 82 votes
6. BODY RIDES - 81 votes
7. COME OUT TONIGHT - 77 votes.
8. BLOOD GAMES - 71 votes
9. AFTER MIDNIGHT - 69 votes
10. FUNLAND - 67 votes

Votes were awarded as follows:
Everyone sent in their top three Laymon books.
Top Laymon book received 3 votes, the second pick received 2 votes and
third choice received one vote.

Everyone who sent us their top three books to be published by Leisure
went into the draw to win a selection of 5 of the novels above.

The winners are:

Rudy Saenz
Thomas S. Manley
Richard Hill
Diane Baule

Congratulations! You will be contacted by email in the next few days.
Thanks to everyone who entered!
Don't forget to check the other three competitions to see if you won!

Win LAYMON Books

Thanks to:

Thanks to Don D'Auria and Leisure Books USA for supplying the books for this competition.

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